Restaurant O Mundo

on maart 3, 2014
Restaurant O Mundo Hotel is located in Hotel de Wereld and has been awarded a Michelin star. The kitchen staff serves a lunch or dinner for your company during or after your meeting, in the restaurant or in a conferenceroom. Do you have a dinner, a reception or a party at home or another location? The catering team of Restaurant O Mundo will be happy to take away all the culinary worries.

Eating and Drinking in O Mundo is a festive occasion. The dishes are pure and without frills, and will be prepared with great love for the craftmanship and creative attention. The wines that accompany the meals are carefully selected to contribute to the excellent dinner in a pleasant atmosphere.


Restaurant O Mundo

5 mei plein 1

6703 CD Wageningen

T +31(0)317-460444

[email protected]


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