Brasserie DrinksandBites

on January 2, 2014
Brasserie DrinksandBites is the precocious sister of Restaurant O Mundo. In DrinksandBites you can enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner in an Mediterranean décor. We present delicious meals, made from fresh ingredients and inspired by Mother Nature. We have a beautiful wine cellar with more than 80 different wines from around the world. And all this at friendly prices.

The location can be hired for special occasions. DrinksandBites is centrally located on the market square in the center of Wageningen. In spring and summer we have a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine or beer and a tasty meal. The terrace opens at 15.30pm.


Drinks and Bites

Markt 9

6701 CX Wageningen

T +31-(0)317-452222

F +31-(0)317-420042

[email protected]


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