CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. We aim for sustainability in each business. With every business decision we create a balance between different interests: the interests of individuals, businesses and organizations. We create a transparent company and this provides involvement of all parties.

The rising demand for sustainable products and services ensures that our sites are increasingly focused on sustainability. We would like to make a contribution to society as well as not harmful to the environment. Of the goods 60% will be purchased within a radius of 15 kilometers. In this way we keep the products locally, we stimulate the local economy and limit transportation costs.

Furthermore, we invest in our employees, we ensure that they are proud of the group in which they work and have a flat organization. Disabled people get a chance to participate. Every location has several partnerships with municipalities and unemployment agencies for employment.

We can say that we are a concerned organization and committed to our customers and our employees, but also involved in local activities. That is why we like to sponsor sports clubs, cultural organization involved social parties. Sponsorship is indeed one of the building blocks for good, long-term relationships.