About me

Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy to present myself to you. My name is Jaap Venendaal and I’m an entrepeneur in the Hospitality Industry. My two biggest passions are cooking and hospitality.

Entrepreneurship runs throug my vains. I keep searching for new business-opportunities, devise new formulas and be responsive to the needs of our guests. Every day I try to enjoy life to the fullest. I like to support people around me to do the same. The saying ‘Carpe Diem’, seize the day, is my motto. I  have a second motto for for my hospitality businesses; ”No is no answer”.

During my working-years I experienced that corporate social responsibility is very important. That means that all my companies purchase 60% of their goods within 15 kilometer. Because of this we can work with wonderful products, we stimulate the local economy and limit transport.
The quality of my catering enterprises is determined by good staff. I am closely involved in the personnel policy and monitor which people we employ. In believe that everybody deserves a second chance and I give people with disabilities a chance to participate in one of my companies. We have partnerships with several municipalities and UWV to place employees.

I make my staff, meanwhile near almost 200 persons, aware of the motto “No is no answer”. Hospitality and good quality are very important in our business. Within our group of companies we can apply to (virtually) every wish of a guest: culinary, in parties, functions and in business meetings.
Because the number of companies has increased rapidly, we need a name and logo to create recognition. The name Jaap Venendaal Group was obvious. The logo symbolizes the unity and togetherness in the group . The four words “food, drink, sleep and meet” express what our business is about. I am proud of the logo and we show it with great pleasure to the outside world.

I am a busy man, but in spite of this or rather because of this, I enjoy life.

Come take a look at one of my companies and see for yourself how hospitality and hostmanship should be.

Best regards,

Jaap Venendaal