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2014 en toekomst

De story continues: Jaap Venendaal is currently developing a new hotel in Ede. The hotel will be located next to cinema CineMec in Ede, near the A12. The building will start in 2015.

Venendaal believes that this hotel will be profitable because Ede does not have such a facility. This despite of the fact that several international companies are located within the municipal. The natural beauty and recreational nature of the Veluwe will generate many guests , as well as the future World Food Centre.

"Springboard to a future '. This is the name of the agreement Horecagroep Jaap Venendaal and Gerry Ligtelijn-Bruins, local authority of Ede, signed 21 january 2014 in Wageningen. This project provides people, for whom it is difficult to find a job , the opportunity to get working-experience in one of the hotels and restaurants of the Group. The ultimate goal is to offer the participants a job at the new hotel in Ede . This hotel opens its doors in 2015. The ambition of Jaap Venendaal is to create an inclusive labor organization for this hotel.

The municipality of Ede and social labourserviceorganisation Permar were the first parties involved in the project. The Region Food Valley will join later. This means that Barneveld, Veenendaal and Wageningen will also use the Springboard project in the future. "Springboard to work" ensures that candidates get an internship, work experience placement, training or accompaniment. The personal ambition of the candidate will be tested to find out wether it suits the needs of the labor market. For those who find no occupancy in one of the hotels and restaurants of Jaap Venendaal , a placement will be sought within the network of companies of Jaap Venendaal and the Food Valley.


From 1 January 2013 Landgoed Avegoor belongs to the empire of Jaap Venendaal. "It is a great hotel, with much potential". The goal was to make Avegoor accessible to everyone, especially for local residents. To experience the estate feel, some rooms and the restaurant concepts were changed .

Landgoed Avegoor has been well known for the high quality of hospitality and the inspiring environment. The estate is about 9 acres of private land, where various events can be organized. The facilities make this Hotel a popular location for businessmeetings. The culinary delights makes it a pleasant place to enjoy good food for residents and tourists

Trattoria&Grill DUE, the Italian restaurant of Landgoed Avegoor, is very successful and outspoken contemporary. Stylish and comfortable, without fuss. Immaculate linen, crockery and glassware. A worthy tribute to the Italian cuisine.

There are many possibilities for conventions on Landgoed Avegoor, for both large plenary sessions or smaller groups. There are as many as 15 comfortable and tastefully decorated venues. The meeting rooms are located in the main building, except the Hagenauzaal, which is located in the annex. This venue has a private entrance and reception room and can accommodate over 200 people. The four-star hotelrooms at Landgoed Avegoor are located in the Triangle and Haguenau buildings. The hotel has five suites and 68 doubles. Landgoed Avegoor is a toplocation for celebrations: inside, outside, grand, intimate, a company anniversary or a culinary gathering. Avegoor offers for any occasion a stylish atmosphere.

In september 2013 Venendaal acquired the operations of Hotel de Wereld, Restaurant O Mundo, Koekoekpizzapannenkoek and DrinksandBites. Addie Roelofsen, from 2003 director / owner of the restaurants and Hotel de Wereld, will be the new operations manager for all the hotels and restaurants of the Venendaal Group. The new locations were used as a breeding ground for the partner Hotel de Wageningsche Berg.

In december 2013 the construction of Hotel de Wageningsche Berg was completed. The old building has been replaced by a new four-star + location. The location is and remains the most beautiful place in the Netherlands. The architecture of the building is also very special. Sustainability has been a key factor in the construction of this hotel. For example, the processed wood carries the FSC label and a special climatesystem has been installed, consists of a ventilation system and solar collectors.


On 13 February 2012 the second Restaurant EatCetera officially open its doors in Ede. The restaurant is located in Hotel PTC+ and has a warm atmosphere. The successfull formula of the Restaurant EatCetera in Wageningen is transferred to Zandlaan 27, in the middle of the knowledge campus Ede.

Our guests will experience good, friendly and fast service with a smile. Fresh, innovative, creative food and value for money. A three-course à la carte dinner is served for the fixed price of € 25,00. Food is prepared as it should be: pure, healthy and very tasty. Restaurant EatCetera: service with a smile. The restaurant is unique because the dishes are made without unnecessary additions. The kitchen staff searches for raw materials and ingredients close to home. Our products are 100% fresh and we work with organic products to achieve the perfect taste. We also strive to responsible nutrition.

But that's not all; EatCetera restaurant provides a large menu with delicious seasonal dishes, prepared with love. Groups can join at buffets. They can even compose a buffet themselves. Forgetten recipes get another chance because we strive to authentic dishes. You can enjoy Restaurant EatCetera at home or at any location by our catering service.


In 2011 Jaap Venendaal purchases Hotel PTC+ . This former hostel in Ede has been converted into a three-star hotel. in January 2012 the Hotel opened its doors with 48 new hotel rooms, a bar and three meeting rooms. At that time, the final touches were put to the à la carte restaurant.

Hotel PTC + is a learning-working hotel and has a partnership with Practice Trainer PTC +, the Groenhorstcollege ( VMBO and MBO), The Christian school Het Streek (VMBO), ROC A12(MBO) and Ede Christian University. Students from these schools work in the hotel and gain practical skills. Jaap Venendaal started his career as a dishwasher / cook. He likes the fact that students from lower secondary professional education level (12 years of age and older), can experience trade and industry. "Craftmanship is the future, in any industry '. Jaap Venendaal hopes to reduce the distance between education and business and to contribute to real craftmanschip.

Practice Trainer PTC + is a trainingscenter for people operating in the sector plants, animals and technology. It provides training, advice and direct examination in professional practice. The rich learning environments PTC + enables the participant to develop skills for his or her individual goals. This ensures that they can apply the skills on the floor. The practical advice of PTC + should result in more smoothly and more effective workingprocesses.


30 June 2009 was a historical day for Jaap Venendaal. On that day, he became the owner of the exploitation of Hotel Wageningsche Berg. "A dream came true ', he called it. The combination of its location on the Wageningen mountain and the panoramic view over the flood plains, makes it a first class location.

Hotel de Wageningse Berg underwent a slight name change. The 'sch' came back in Wageningsche Berg. Jaap Venendaal: "The Wageningsche Berg is a historic building and we like to give the hotel the reputation back that she once had.

The location alone was not enough for a healthy hotelexploitation. The product wasn't up standard at that time. Together with the owner of the building, plans were made for a complete renovation of the hotel.

Meanwhile, the old building has been replaced by a new fourstar + location. In December 2013 the hotel opened its doors. The venue is and remains the most beautiful place in the Netherlands.The architecture of the building is also very special. Sustainability has been a key factor in the construction of this hotel. For example, the processed wood carries the FSC label and a special climatesystem has been installed, consists of a ventilation system and solar collectors

The new hotel has 108 comfortable and spacious rooms and many attractive features. The many extras for both business and leisure guests ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel is tastefully decorated, has special business facilities and is available for both small and large gatherings. The 5 multifunctional conference rooms are suitable for a variety of purposes, such as meetings, conferences, productpresentations, receptions and parties. We can facilitate groups up to 800 personen. For fairs, receptions and corporate parties up to 1.500 guests are welcome. The layout of the venue will fit the number of persons and the purpose of the meeting.

The culinary qualities and capabilities of the Hotel will ensure a pleasant stay, for lunch in Brasserie No.96 or for dinner in Restaurant Belmonte. Both the brasserie and restaurant are tastefully, contemporary and warmly decorated. The service is keen to fulfill your wishes discreet and faithfully and to make sure that you have a pleasant and succesfull business meeting. . The restaurant is easily accessible and is also ideal for business presentations. Service and hospitality are very important to us. As a bonus the view from your table on the natural surrounding is spectacular.

Jaap Venendaal purchased on 30 June 2009 the bankrupt Golden Tulip Winterswijk. Golden Tulip Winterswijk will be continued under the former name Hotel Frerikshof.
This family hotel became, thanks to Restaurant WEERKOMM'N!, the place to be in the Achterhoek. Hospitality and personal attention to guests of all ages, are the secrets of Hotel Frerikshof.

Hotel Frerikshof has 69 Rooms, 4 meeting rooms for both large and small groups. The capacity of the largest room is 200 seats. The meeting rooms offer plenty of natural light, good ventilation and a comfortable interior. In Restaurant WEERKOMM'N! you can enjoy a tasty lunch or a delicious dinner.

Restaurant WEERKOMM'N! offers a pleasant ambiance for doing business in a calm atmosphere. You can also enjoy your lunch or dinner on the terrace . In this hotel you will find four bowling lanes and a heated indoor swimming pool .


"A dream come true ... After having worked for many years all over the world, I have found my place. The opening of the à la carte Restaurant EatCetera is a highlight for Hof van Wageningen. Restaurant EatCetera is the 1st restaurant built to my own ideas and will be run by 2 rocks, Kristian, Kitchen chef and Susanne, Restaurantmanager. Restaurant EatCetera: where dining is an experience."

This was the text on the invitation to the opening of Restaurant EatCetera. 21 October 2008 everyone was welcome to admire Restaurant EatCetera.

Restaurant EatCetera Wageningen started from the idea to serve food as it should be: pure, healthy, but most of all, very tasty. Restaurant EatCetera stands for service with a smile. The restaurant is unique, because the dishes are made without unnecessary additions. The kitchen staff searches for the best raw materials and ingredients close to home and these ingredients are 100% fresh. They work with organic products to achieve an authentic taste. Responsible nutrition is also one of our goals.

But that's not all; EatCetera restaurant provides a large menu, with delicious seasonal dishes prepared with love. Groups can join at buffets and they can compose the buffets themselves. Forgetten recipes get a new chance because we love authentic flavours. The dishes of Restaurant EatCetera can also be enjoyed at home of any other location through our catering.


The history of Hof van Wageningen, hotel and conference center goes 40 years back in time. The building was originally owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and served as accommodation for foreign (agriculture) students. In 1972 the building opens with 147 Rooms, a restaurant, kitchen and conferencerooms on the ground floor.
Since 1 January 2006 Hof van Wageningen is fully privatized. On this date, the entrepeneurship began for Jaap Venendaal. The first major change that Jaap Venendaal made, was a change of name.The old name WICC was changed to 'Hof van Wageningen' . Now Hof van Wageningen is a modern three-star hotel and conference center .
Hof van Wageningen is situated near the charming shopping- and entertainment center of Wageningen and is an extremely comprehensive conference facility. Due to the 40 years of experience in taking care of various meetings, Hof van Wageningen provides optimal facilities for an excellent stay. With 26 conference rooms (total capaciteit 1.500 people) and almost 200 Rooms Hof van Wageningen can accomodate every business meeting.The (audiovisual) resources you need for your conference, training or meeting are present. Hof van Wageningen is centrally located in the Netherlands, close to the A12, de A15, A30 en de A50. The hotel and conference center is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport (bus station at 250 meter).